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Welcome to
Hypnatal Birthing

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Courses
in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey

Never have I ever felt stronger, more powerful and more like superwoman than when my babies were born…I want you to experience that feeling too!

Are you ready to start your birth preparation?

Hey, I'm Fiona, founder of Hypnatal Birthing - think of me as your own little birth teacher, holding your hand every step of the way throughout your pregnancy & birth journey and beyond.

My antenatal & hypnobirthing courses empower expectant parents with the knowledge, tools and confidence for a calm, confident and positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing is a holistic approach to childbirth preparation and antenatal education that combines the mind and body, using a combination of relaxation, visualisation, hypnosis, and practical tools and techniques to:

  • help connect with your body and baby

  • tune into your intuition

  • increase your confidence in your birthing ability

  • help deal with the feelings of labour

  • empower you to make decisions along the way to get the birth you want and deserve

  • support you to navigate the maternity system

  • and ultimately leave you feeling excited for birth! 


Whether this is your first dive into antenatal education, or you are looking to deepen your knowledge and practice, I am here to support you through your pregnancy journey and beyond. 

Home birth baby having skin to skin with mum
New mum and baby after birth in hospital

"Birth is not only about making babies. It's about making mothers; strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman


  • the science behind birth (yes that's right, it's not hippy)

  • the different stages of labour, positions

  • what to do when labour slows

  • the key birth hormones, their impact on labour and how to maximise them

  • the HUGE impact the mind has on birth

  • reducing fears and anxieties

  • making informed decisions that are right for you and your baby

  • tools & techniques to stay calm and comfortable during labour

  • breathing techniques for different stages of labour

  • setting up a positive birth environment

  • the maternity system and how to navigate it

  • confidently communicating your wishes to your caregivers

  • writing a clear and informed Birth Plan

  • your options if the journey to birth changes - how to adapt and change plans if needed

  • the importance of the Birth Partner role and what they can do to impact your birth experience

  • how to have a positive, empowering birth experience, no matter where or how you birth your baby​





Ultimate Hypnobirthing Course

10 hours of birth education delivered over 3-4 sessions. A full birth preparation course aimed at expectant families who are completely new to antenatal education & hypnobirthing, first-time babies or want to prepare for a different experience to previous births. 

What do I get? 

6 guided hypnosis scripts (mp3 format), hard copy hypnobirthing manual, gift bag full of treats, discounts and useful information, check-in call around your due period, signposting to local services and new parent groups to help build your village.



Private course: in your home OR online via Google Meet

Group course: at Hypnatal Birthing HQ, Hartley Wintney


Hypnobirthing Workshop

4 hours of birth preparation delivered over 2 sessions. A condensed workshop, aimed at expectant families who are short on time and nearing the end of your pregnancy, or if you have done hypnobirthing before and just want a refresher.

What do I get?

3 guided hypnosis scripts (mp3 format), PDF hypnobirthing manual, check-in call, information and signposting.



Private course: in your home OR online​ via Google Meet

Group course: online via Google Meet


​​Offering both private 1:1 courses and groups, face to face and online, there is something to suit everyone.​


My antenatal & hypnobirthing courses will leave you feeling confident, excited and empowered, ready to welcome your baby into the world.

Want to know a secret? Birth can be SO different to what we regularly see and hear. Regardless of where or how you plan to birth your baby, my 5* rated antenatal & hypnobirthing courses will help promote a positive experience, where you feel confident, relaxed, knowledgable, empowered and in control.​


I'm so glad you're here and I'm so excited to join you on this journey. ​​​​​

At the start of session one I ask birth teams to write down the first few words that pop into their head when they think of BIRTH. We repeat this at the end of the course. Have a look at some before and after words below. It is wonderful to see the transformation in people's views and beliefs on birth.



Absolutely not! This is a question I hear so regularly, so I wanted to squash this myth right here on my homepage, before you get stuck into the rest of my website.

Hypnobirthing can be used for any birth:

  • Caesarean - planned or unplanned

  • Induction

  • VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)

  • HBAC (home birth after caesarean)

  • Home birth

  • Water birth

  • Hospital birth - midwife led unit / birth centre or labour ward

  • Twin birth

  • Breech babies

  • Assisted delivery

You name it - hypnobirthing will help!

Hypnobirthing is not about having any kind of birth and, in the nicest possible way, I don't care where or how you give birth! I care that you get the birth that is right for you; that you are equipped with the knowledge, confidence and questions to make informed decisions. There is so much information you should receive in your NHS antenatal midwife appointments, but sadly you just aren't getting that for various reasons, so I am here to help support you through your birth preparation journey and give you the support you deserve.


After having my two babies over the last few years and seeing how hypnobirthing can increase the chance of having a positive birth experience, I am so passionate about helping expectant parents prepare for birth in a confident and empowering way.


I am a mum who knows the local maternity landscape. I’ve accessed the local maternity services, both hospital and home birth options and I know how to navigate the maternity system. I’ve been to all the baby classes and I know the best local services to help support you.


Booking with me means choosing a personalised and compassionate antenatal course, with tailored sessions to address your unique needs and concerns. Antenatal education is not a one size fits all, that is why it is so important for me to tweak each session to be bespoke for each family. I have a deep passion for supporting families, which is why my course combines evidence-based techniques and intuitive support to ensure you feel confident and prepared for childbirth.


I teach 5* antenatal hypnobirthing courses, which have received amazing reviews from all my clients. Don’t just take my word for it…see what my lovely clients are saying…


"My husband and I had one to one classes with Fiona at our home, for the birth of our first baby. We would highly recommend her, she took all the fear away and gave all the knowledge about child birth that we needed. We found it really helpful and made the birth of our boy calm and beautiful."

"This was one of the highlights of our pregnancy journey"

"Our experience of Fiona and her 1-2-1 hypnobirthing course were fantastic, we cannot recommend them enough!"


"Fiona changed our perspective on birth and helped calm anxieties we had around birth. She helped us to see the experience as a positive and empowering one."


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